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Philadelphia Union II: The facts and what may become the facts

PSP’s Tim Jones breaks down what we know and what we can guess about Philadelphia Union II’s roster at the restart.

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USL Championship announces 2020 competition format

A look at the USL Championship’s revised competition format for the rest of the 2020 season, especially as it affects Philadelphia Union II.

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Why getting a point is a good start to Union II’s season

It may be early, but Sara Griswold thinks that the Union II are off to a good start after a strong season opener on Saturday.

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Match report: Philadelphia Union II 0-0 Loudoun United

The first match of the season for the Union II ended in a scoreless draw, but there’s still a lot of promise ahead.

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Union II acquire teenage Spanish midfielder on loan

Tim Jones adds a few details to the Union II’s announcement of on-loan teenage Spanish midfielder David Rabadan, including what the team’s new white Jerseys will look like.

Union II preseason squad in Florida 2020, 2nd Clearwater camp.
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Facts and educated guesses about Philadelphia Union II

The picture of the Philadelphia Union II — pun fully intended — begins to come into focus.

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Takeaways from Sven Gartung’s first media conference call

Getting acquainted with Union II’s new head coach.

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Union II announce Sven Gartung as new head coach

Ernst Tanner announced the coaching staff for Philadelphia Union II, including a new role in the organization for Brendan Burke.

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The rise of Cole Turner

Playing for the Academy, the Steel, and now the Union, here’s how the 18-year-old homegrown earned his shot in preseason.

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A look at the Bethlehem Steel rebranding as Union II

PSP’s Sara Griswold examines Ernst Tanner and Tim McDermott’s explanations for the rebrand of Bethlehem Steel to Philadelphia Union II.